With our origins as a company so intimately intertwined with the development of radar technology, it is no wonder we retain such close ties with national security agencies and air traffic controllers.

Gv't-HS-Scanning-techThe technology within these markets originated within both the Scientific and Medical marketplaces
with many of the primary Medical OEM’s taking the lead in the migration into Scanning Technology. Subsequently many of Ferrite’s Components are employed in the same manner, focusing on the protection (isolation) of power sources from reflected power with minimal insertion loss presented to the system.

Ferrite has funded a Research and Development program focused on the development of the next generation of devices for these applications.

Military Radar
Devices within this market are required to deliver exacting performance while incorporating rugged
durability into the design to withstand harsh operating environments. Customers include such global entities as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Thales, Raytheon, L3 Communications, Selex, Bharat, Mitsubishi and Boeing.

We have  a vast library of high power 3-port and 4-port circulator, Isolator, termination and directional coupler devices which have been qualified by end users spanning L, S, C, X, Ku, K and Ka bands. Circulators can be configured to operate as duplexers or isolators into all potential reflections up to and including a full short circuit.

Air Traffic Control & Weather Radar
Our Component product offerings in these markets are used worldwide and focus within the UHF, L, S and C bands. Similar in many ways to the Military Radar Marketplace, we develop solutions for its partners that address very specific environmental, mechanical and electrical performance requirements. Truly worldwide in nature, both markets have experienced significant growth over the last decade with our presence and offerings in both expanding as a result. More recently we  have begun the manufacture of complete RF assemblies into both markets incorporating circulators, dielectric phase shifters, switches, directional couplers, 3dB couplers and terminations.


Products & Services

We offer passive high power devices for protection and measurement from frequencies ranging from 50 MHz to 45 GHz in coaxial and waveguide configurations.

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We offer a full range of services from initial design consultation for new components and systems to research and development. We also specialize in support of legacy systems where the OEM is no longer in business or in a support role where we will perform full evaluation and refurbishment services. If a repair is not feasible, we can design and supply a new form fit and functional drop-in replacement.

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