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Industrial Microwave Systems
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We design our Industrial Microwave Systems with three primary factors in mind — Generation, Application and Control.

Whether you are new to Industrial Microwave Systems or an experienced user, we offer products and services targeted to your needs. From complete systems and spare parts to upgrades and consultative services, we pride ourselves on being the very best in the business.

Products & Services
New Microwave User?

Whether you are interested in Tempering, Drying, Cooking or Boost Heating – we have a microwave system designed specifically for your application. We customize every system we build to suit the customer facility and requirements. We are happy to design and manufacture custom cavities and applicators to fit non-standard requests and relish the opportunity to explore new markets with customers.

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Already Using Microwave Power?

We offer extensive maintenance and support services as well as programming and design services. Our team is capable of servicing and upgrading any industrial microwave, regardless of who built it. We have a long history of working on legacy Raytheon and Amana machines. Our programming is focused on Allen Bradley PLC interfaces but we also work with Siemens devices.

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Food Processing

Food Processing

Our Industrial Microwave Systems are used to dry, boost-heat, temper or fully cook food items. Microwave energy has been utilized by the food processing sector since the 1970s for bacon cooking and the uniform tempering of deep frozen products. Recent advances have opened up new applications for drying and boost heating certain foodstuffs.



Microwave systems are utilized by some municipalities for waste treatment and disposal efforts. Other applications include sludge drying and processing.

Building & Materials Handling

Building and Materials Handling

Industrial microwave systems are widely used by structural LVL lumber processing. Newer applications include various drying systems for lumber and foam products.



Our microwave systems are utilized by energy companies to aid with oil reclamation efforts. Other applications include coal drying and processing.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Here at Ferrite Microwave Technologies, we are always working with prospects and current customers to develop new applications as well as refine existing ones. We’re often approached by start-ups building businesses with microwave processing core to their proposed market differentiation.



We are unique in our dual expertise in both high-power components as well as large-scale industrial microwave systems. This enables us to leverage the engineering talent necessary to any company manufacturing high power ferrite devices for our system design and application analysis as well. No other company is as qualified as we are to evaluate your needs and pair you with a microwave systems that meets the specific needs of your application.

What Our Clients are Saying
  • "We like using the microwave to reduce moisture loss and save money. It also frees up locations we would normally use to temper the product. We save approximately 2% yield loss and free up 400 locations which normally were used for tempering product."
  • "We now have properly thawed product that only took minutes to thaw instead of days. We now can react quickly to schedule changes and don’t have extra thawed product that needs to be refrozen if something goes wrong during production."
  • "They were always willing to listen and collaborate to help deliver the results we were seeking. I never felt that we were any less important than other customers."
  • "Overall the microwave investment is going to pay off in a very short time and our finished product never looked better."
4 Steps to Drying With Industrial Microwave Ovens
A Short Guide to Calculating Energy Requirement

Unsure about precisely how much energy you will need for your particular microwave system application?

Download this guide to understand the simple calculation and more.

  • Learn to calculate your energy requirements for drying your material
  • Know your power needs upfront for success with potential suppliers
  • Learn how accurate energy estimates are essential for ROI

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