For more than 35 years, we have designed and built the world’s most advanced industrial microwave systems and high power microwave components.

Ferrite Microwave Technologies has two primary business groups, Components & Integrated Assemblies and Industrial Microwave Systems. The Components & Integrated Assemblies division provides products for frequencies from 50 MHz to 50 GHz that handle power levels ranging from 5 W to 50 MW. The Industrial Microwave Systems division produces solutions for tempering, cooking and heating products across a wide range of industries. Ferrite Microwave Technologies supports its products with a team of engineers who continue to push the boundaries of the science and veteran field technicians.


Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) sprung out of the Raytheon SMDO group. Founded in 1983, and originally focused purely on high power components, the company later absorbed various former members of Raytheon’s industrial microwave group and began manufacturing industrial microwave systems in 1993.


Industry History Before FMT Founding:

In 2003, Ferrite acquired the industrial microwave division of Amana. In 2004, we acquired RF technologies for their broadcast components and industrial microwave processing systems. Since then, Ferrite Microwave Technologies has continued to innovate and patent new technologies in both the high power microwave device field and in the industrial realm while improving efficiencies and pioneering new applications.

  • 1948

    Raytheon develops first “Radar Range”

  • 1965

    Raytheon develops first “Single Mode” Dryer.

    Future founders of Ferrite first involvement with industrial MW systems while at Raytheon

  • 1970

    Raytheon develops first Continuous Tempering System at 25kW

  • 1972

    Raytheon creates separate industrial MW Equipment Operation

  • 1973

    Raytheon creates separate Industrial MW Equipment Operation

  • 1977

    Raytheon develops first MW Batch Tempering System at 25kW

  • 1981

    Ferrite founders leave Raytheon SMDO operation

  • 1982

    Raytheon develops first  MW Cooking System at 40kW


As the only major manufacturer focused on both high power components as well as industrial systems, we pride ourselves on our varied personnel and skill sets. Our manufacturing staff benefit from their access to top engineering talent who, in turn, learn from the field teams installing systems in live environments. 

Computer modeling and live test data complement one another in much the same way our machine shop staff help designers understand what is feasible. At Ferrite Microwave Technologies, it is the combined experience and varied perspectives of our employees that enable us to provide clients with the best possible products and services.

Peter Tibbetts
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Peter Tibbetts
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Tibbetts

A seasoned executive with decades of experience managing hi-tech manufacturing firms, Peter leads the company with both his vision and approachability. After receiving his MBA from Darden School of Business, Peter worked for firms both large and small, leading organizations innovating in the fields of signal processing and material science. Before joining Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) in 2010, he was employed by the French multi-national Saint-Gobain where he led efforts to supply advanced materials to the semiconductor industry.

Paul Alton
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Paul Alton
Director of Product Engineering & FSO
Paul Alton

Paul has over a quarter century of experience in the design, manufacture and testing of both passive RF components & assemblies and Industrial Microwave Systems.  Paul joined FMT in 1987 as an Engineering Technician responsible for development and test of electronically controlled ferrite phase shifters and latching switches.  Since that time Paul has worked in and managed many of the company’s core groups in positions ranging from Quality Manager to Director of Component Engineering where program management and sales support were key responsibilities.  When not spending time with family or working Paul volunteers as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder.

Fraser Tibbetts
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Fraser Tibbetts
Director of Marketing
Fraser Tibbetts

Fraser joined the team in 2015 to head product marketing and digital experience. Previously with Forrester Research, Fraser covered sales and marketing software for several years before making the transition from analyst to practitioner. Fraser lives in Cambridge, MA and enjoys golf, hiking and the NH seacoast. Fraser is passionate about software and technology.

Chelsey Peach
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Chelsey Peach
Sales Administrator
Chelsey Peach

Technical Expertise & Proven Design

Our designs have been refined and tested over decades of installations dating back to the birth of the industry. In conjunction with Raytheon, our founders set the standards for performance that define the parameters for industrial microwave systems even today. Though never complacent, our mechanical engineering staff is careful to ensure that improvements now and in the future do not impeach the reliability we stand for or the trust our designs have inspired in our customer base.

With a design tool library of over 1300 models to choose from, our solutions are nearly limitless. We have over a century of combined high power device design and manufacturing experience.


We send a technician to your facility to commission the system and train operators.

Standard commissioning responsibilities include:

  1.     Terminate all electrical runs with the exception of 3-phase terminations.
  2.     Testing entire control system.
  3.      Setting up electrical specifications of generators.
  4.     Testing operation of entire system.
  5.     Working with Customer’s operators on development of process settings for microwave power and conveyor speed.




Ferrite’s focus is on superior engineering re-enforced through a collaborative working environment.  We value talented, creative and independent thinking people who want to grow with us.  Ferrite opportunities include positions in engineering, sales, management and manufacturing. We offer a competitive salary, benefits and flexible schedules that support a work-life balance approach.

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