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How To Replace A High Power Magnetron Tube

Magnetron tubes wear out and need replacing approximately every two to eight thousand hours. Much like tires on a car, their lifetime varies depending on use. As with many high power microwave components, magnetron tubes are costly and it is important to follow the proper procedure when servicing them. Proper safety precautions are critical. But, though we recommend hiring a trained technician for more serious microwave system maintenance, replacing a magnetron tube is fairly straightforward and something your facilities maintenance team can likely do themselves. All Ferrite Microwave Technology customers receive formal training on this procedure when we install a new system. However, staff turnover and time make a periodic refresher often necessary.

Follow these steps to replace your magnatron tube:

  1. Turn off ALL power (remember to follow your facilities’ lockout procedure)
    2. De-energize any stored charges in circuit
    3. Remove filament connectors
    4. Pinch off the water lines
    5. Remove the three mounting nuts
    6. Disconnect the water lines
    7. Lift the magnetron up by the upper pull piece, do NOT touch the white parts of the magnetron
    8. Remove the upper pull piece and install it on your new magnetron

Now – Reverse the process…

  1. Reinstall the upper pull piece on the new magnetron
    2. Replace the new magnetron
    3. Replace the mounting hardware
    4. Reconnect the water lines
    5. Reconnect the filament connectors
    6. Voila! New magnetron is installed!

As always, we are happy to assist you with any spare parts and maintenance needs. Please fill out this form and we will be happy to help!

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