We’re ready to assist you all over the world.

Our sales department is able to offer prompt quotes for systems and parts. We are also able to help customers with all aspects of the sales process from quotation to shipment. Our customer service representatives have extensive product knowledge and will assist you in every way possible. We also work closely with our engineering, purchasing, production and technical departments to offer our customers the best possible price and delivery.

In addition to our premier sales staff at our manufacturing headquarters, we have a network of global representatives available to help you through the sales process.

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Company Overview

1. Product Testing & Application Development


The first part of any sale is determining the viability of the application for microwave application. We do this in order to ensure a fit between our products and your requirements. Often times, once we’re sure that microwaves can help, we still need to determine the exact configuration and product mix. To do this, we often invite prospective clients to send us their product for live testing in one of our full-scale test systems. For more information on this process, please visit our Customer Product Testing page.

We are always interested in working with clients, universities, governments and private consortiums on the development of new applications for microwave power. Please contact us with your idea and we will see if we can make it a reality!



2. Ordering & Quoting

Once we’ve established the viability of the application, and ideally run live product tests, we work with prospective customers to develop a personalized quote. In this quote, we detail the various components that make up the system we’ve certified to meet their requirement and provide pricing. Occasionally, we will learn new details about a facility layout or application detail and adjust the quote accordingly. When we’ve settled on a delivery schedule and system layout, the process of building your microwave system begins.

3. Building & Customization

Our mechanical engineering staff will work with your facilities personnel to ensure the system fits within the confines of your existing work area. We provide both 2D and 3D CAD drawings upon request and are always happy to advise on generator placement, waveguide costs and custom control locations. When the final drawings have been approved, we begin construction of the actual system.

4. Quality Assurance & Testing

We test every system before we ship it out and when we install it at your facility. We stand behind our systems with both our warrantee and our reputation. Ferrite Microwave Technologies stands for quality and durability. An investment in one of our microwave systems is just that, an investment. And as such, we expect it to pay dividends to your company for decades. With proper maintenance and upgrades, our customers have proven our systems will run for thirty years.

Product Testing is an important part of purchasing an industrial microwave system. A customer needs to have confidence that our product will be able to meet their requirements. Accordingly, we encourage prospective customers to send us their product and to visit our facility so they can see for themselves the results of high power microwaves on their material. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

5. Shipping & Delivery

Our standard delivery schedule is 12 weeks from receipt of deposit funding. Upon request, we can be flexible.



6. Training & Installation

We send a technician to your facility to commission the system and train operators.

Standard commissioning responsibilities include:

1. Terminate all electrical runs with the exception of 3-phase terminations.

2. Testing entire control system.

3. Setting up electrical specifications of generators.

4. Testing operation of entire system.

5. Working with Customer’s operators on development of process settings for microwave power and conveyor speed.

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