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Poultry Tempering In IPPE Preview Publication

On page 72 of the digial edition of Meat Packing Journal’s November issue, the publications technical editor, James Chappelow, reports (among other topics) on tempering solutions in his freezing primer article. The article concludes with a piece highlighting the major benefits of microwave meat tempering.

“The tempering of frozen poultry is a process that is also benefitting from high tech solutions. In the USA, Ferrite Microwave Technologies lead the field in the use of microwaves to bring frozen products up to temperatures high enough to allow further processing. This approach has brought the process of tempering into the 21st century in one bound. The process is both quick and clean. It requires less labor and spoilage is all but eliminated”

We’re obviously pleased to see major industry publications taking more interest in microwave tempering and look forward to the IPPE expo in January where we will be exhibiting our solutions.Visit us at booth B7765!

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A Short Guide to Calculating Energy Requirement

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