We are unique in our dual expertise in both high-power components as well as large-scale industrial microwave systems. This enables us to leverage the engineering talent necessary to any company manufacturing high power ferrite devices for our system design and application analysis as well. No other company is as qualified as we are to evaluate your needs and pair you with a microwave systems that meets the specific requirements of your application. Choose Ferrite Microwave Technologies because…

  • We’ve been building industrial microwave systems longer than any other company in business today.
  • Our commitment to forwarding the science continues to lead us to new technological improvements.
  • Our unique capability as a microwave component manufacturer allows us to ensure circulator and generator excellence.
  • We believe every client has different needs, and we design each system to meet them.
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We maintain a fully functional machine shop which includes 4 Vertical Machining Centers, 1 Horizontal Machining Center, 2 Computer-Controlled Lathes, 2 Computer-Controlled E mills and several drill presses. Engineering Design files are downloaded directly into the machining centers. The .0002″ repeatability and .001″ accuracy provided by the Computer-controlled stations play a key role in maintaining our position as the world’s leading provider of High Power Passive Components and Industrial Systems.

We also produce our own waveguide which allows us to provide custom lengths for our customers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities


We test every system before we ship it out and when we install it at your facility. We stand behind our systems with both our warrantee and our reputation. Ferrite Microwave Technologies stands for quality and durability. An investment in one of our microwave systems is just that, an investment. And as such, we expect it to pay dividends to your company for decades. With proper maintenance and upgrades, our customers have proven our systems will run for thirty years.

Product Testing is an important part of purchasing an industrial microwave system. A customer needs to have confidence that our product will be able to meet their requirements. That is why there are 5 high power test beds for our 915MHz microwave generators and a fully functional demonstration and trial area where industrial applications can be evaluated. We hold all products to the strict guidelines required for military and medical applications.

We encourage prospective customers to send us their product and to visit our facility so they can see for themselves the results of high power microwaves on their material. Please contact us to arrange a visit.




We send a field technician out to install almost every microwave system we sell. While at your facility, our technician will train your facilities’ staff to run and maintain the equipment. In the event of a complicated technical issue, we will make every effort to send help as quickly as possible. We understand that downtime is costly and make every effort to prepare your team to be able to troubleshoot and repair your microwave generator using our recommended spare part kits. As your system ages, we also specialize in upgrading older equipment with the latest components to drive greater efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a replacement system.



Experience matters when reliability is paramount. Our founding executives were part of the Raytheon team that the invented the first industrial microwave systems in the 1970s. Raytheon moved the industrial microwave group to Amana, Iowa in 1992 and our microwave group was created by members of that Raytheon division who did not want to relocate. We would go on to acquire the remainder of that Amana group, and all of it’s intellectual property, in 2003.

We manufactured our first 75 kW continuous tempering and cooking line in 1994, the same year we introduced the first PLC controlled microwave system. From there, we began down a road of innovation and refinement that led us to build the largest industrial microwave dryer to date (3 MW) in 2006.





Our designs have been refined and tested over decades of installations dating back to the birth of the industry. In conjunction with Raytheon, our founders set the standards for performance that define the parameters for industrial microwave systems even today. Though never complacent, our mechanical engineering staff is careful to ensure that improvements now and in the future do not impeach the reliability we stand for or the trust our designs have inspired in our customer base.

Virtual Modeling

Bringing the state of the art simulation tools and core engineering expertise from our components group allows the optimization of feed networks and energy application to the cavity. Various feed technologies can be simulated giving the power distribution data for the product being processed and this data allows the mitigation of hotspots within the process by careful applicator placement and design or manipulation of the cavity geometry. Simulation tools allow the replication of real world problems and as such offer methods to address these issues in the simulation domain before offering realistic solution in the hardware.

  • The design of optimum input, output and inter-cavity suppression components can be simulated to allow the design of the smallest form factor possible while maintaining the safety requirements of the system.
  • An excellent tool for the visualization of the energy within a cavity gives prospective users a positive indication of how their product will behave within a microwave system.



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Whether you are interested in Tempering, Drying, Cooking or Boost Heating – we have a microwave system designed specifically for your application. We customize every system we build to suit the customer facility and requirements. We are happy to design and manufacture custom cavities and applicators to fit non-standard requests and relish the opportunity to explore new markets with customers.

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We offer extensive maintenance and support services as well as programming and design services. Our team is capable of servicing and upgrading any industrial microwave, regardless of who built it. We have a long history of working on legacy Raytheon and Amana machines. Our programming is focused on Allen Bradley PLC interfaces but we also work with Siemens devices.

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A Short Guide to Calculating Energy Requirement

Unsure about precisely how much energy you will need for your particular microwave system application?

Download this guide to understand the simple calculation and more.

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  • Know your power needs upfront for success with potential suppliers
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