We offer a rotating inventory of used and refurbished equipment.

Condition varies but we are happy to warranty any system we refurbish with the same confidence we warranty our new systems. Please check the individual listing details for specific information and contact us for a price quote or with any questions. Our refurbished industrial microwaves are generally lightly used units.

If you would like us to resell your equipment on your behalf, please contact us. We would be happy to find a suitable buyer for your equipment and offer refurbishment services to update any outdated components.


The system consists of one eight (8) foot long heavy duty stainless steel multi-mode cavity. The cavity is equipped with an access door for easy cleaning, along with a sloped bottom pan leading to a waste collection pipe system.  The cavity comes equipped with two patented polarized microwave feeds, for enhance energy distribution. Our new slotted polar cap (SPC) works in combination with our patented polarizer design to eliminate the need for more than two microwave feeds. This eliminates the maintenance costs associated with traditional rotary antennas. Suppression tunnels on the input and output prevent microwave leakage into the surrounding work area. The cavity features half and full product detection and arc sensing.

The OPTIMA 75 kW generator was newly built last year and features circulator arc protection and a 24 volt control circuit (per IEC safety standards).The volt ripple is less than 0.2 volts, and is the lowest in the industry. Microwave isolation filtering on the 480 Volt incoming power lines complies with Harmonics Emissions standard EN 61000-3-12. It also features high voltage step start circuitry to limit inrush and a high flow/pressure cooling pump providing cooling flow greater than the listed requirements for the magnetron tube. The Ethernet IO connectivity built in makes for easy PLC integration and provides for excellent diagnostics. Twelve pulse rectification is standard to enable optimum high voltage supply to the magnetron tube. The generator enclosures are all constructed of food-grade stainless steel, though we recommend locating the generator away from excessive moisture or highly caustic wash-down areas. This generator has been built to take 480 Volt/60 Hz 3-phase electrical service.


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