We offer a rotating inventory of used and refurbished equipment.

Condition varies but we are happy to warranty any system we refurbish with the same confidence we warranty our new systems. Please check the individual listing details for specific information and contact us for a price quote or with any questions. Our refurbished industrial microwaves are generally lightly used units.

Compact Microwave Generator Kit

2.45 GHz Kit

This microwave kit provides the purchaser with everything they need to start experimenting with microwaves. The kit includes the following:

A – 6kW Magnetron Head
B – Microwave Isolator
C – Manual 3-Stub Tuner
D – WR340 E-bend
E – E-bend with cut-off tube
F – Straight waveguide (12” length)
G – Precision Sliding Short Circuit
H – Quartz tube with 2-way split
I – Microwave Generator

Power supply
It is based upon the latest switch mode power supply technology, offering size reduction (smallest 6 kW available on the market, i.e. 19’’ rack, 3U power supply), good power stability and significantly reduced electrical losses. The efficiency of the switch mode power supply is higher than 93 %. A real interlock is available for safety.
Microwave head – compact size
This new head includes a water cooled magnetron and the filament transformer. An isolator with its reflected power crystal detector is connected to the microwave head. Quick release connectors for water cooling and high voltage are used on both the power supply and the microwave head. A water flow meter is connected at the exit of the cooling circuit of the isolator; this water sensor acts as an interlock which will completely shut down the microwave generator if not enough water flow is sensed.

Generator Specifications | Survey Meter | E-Plane Waveguide | 3-Stub Tuner | Sliding Short | Temperature Probe

If you would like us to resell your equipment on your behalf, please contact us. We would be happy to find a suitable buyer for your equipment and offer refurbishment services to update any outdated components.

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