The application of microwave energy, and the systems and services we offer to enable it, centers on process control, flexibility, increased throughput and product enhancement.

All of our offerings are backed by the expertise and discipline decades of experience yields. We have been developing solutions employing microwave energy in the heating and drying of food and non-food products since the early days of the industry. Our unique position as both a player in this industrial systems market as well as the high-power component market allows us a deeper understanding of how microwave energy is most efficiently utilized. As a result, all of our systems apply microwave energy with greater efficiency and uniformity.

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New Microwave User?

Whether you are interested in Tempering, Drying, Cooking or Boost Heating – we have a microwave system designed specifically for your application. We customize every system we build to suit the customer facility and requirements. We are happy to design and manufacture custom cavities and applicators to fit non-standard requests and relish the opportunity to explore new markets with customers.

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Already Using Microwave Power?

We offer extensive maintenance and support services as well as programming and design services. Our team is capable of servicing and upgrading any industrial microwave, regardless of who built it. We have a long history of working on legacy Raytheon and Amana machines. Our programming is focused on Allen Bradley PLC interfaces but we also work with Siemens devices.

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