We use state of the art machining and testing equipment.  One of the unique aspects of our capability lies in the scope of our captive manufacturing process.  Due to the critical role machining plays in component performance and reliability, our waveguide and coaxial piece parts are machined in-house utilizing the CAM files generated directly from our CAD designs and simulations.  Secondary operations and all in-process and final testing are performed in-house with the industries latest proven technology.

4 Steps to Drying With Industrial Microwave Ovens
A Short Guide to Calculating Energy Requirement

Unsure about precisely how much energy you will need for your particular microwave system application?

Download this guide to understand the simple calculation and more.

  • Learn to calculate your energy requirements for drying your material
  • Know your power needs upfront for success with potential suppliers
  • Learn how accurate energy estimates are essential for ROI