We provide a vital service to our customers in the high power microwave industry by repairing/refurbishing a wide variety of devices, often including those of other manufacture to support their high power systems, transmitters, components and antennas.  This capability has become increasingly needed over the years as many OEM’s have either closed, been dissolved, or no longer support their high power microwave component lines.  Backed up by our engineering staff, machining center and quality group, we are equipped to evaluate and affect repairs often less expensively and in less time than the procurement of a new device might require.

4 Steps to Drying With Industrial Microwave Ovens
A Short Guide to Calculating Energy Requirement

Unsure about precisely how much energy you will need for your particular microwave system application?

Download this guide to understand the simple calculation and more.

  • Learn to calculate your energy requirements for drying your material
  • Know your power needs upfront for success with potential suppliers
  • Learn how accurate energy estimates are essential for ROI