We have over 1,300 delivered models in our library of designs.  This broad base when coupled with our advanced microwave simulation and modeling tools provides the basis for our broad expertise. Design from first principles lies at the core of our engineering efforts. An experienced staff is equipped with state of the art tools to allow a seamless progression from concept to manufacture.

Investment and continued maintenance of Industry leading simulation tools including Ansys HFSS and Maxwell gives the RF design team the means to quickly evaluate our customers’ requirements and provide representative data to validate our product offerings.

Use of these capabilities leads to ‘right out of the box’ performance at the manufacturing stage thus cutting development cycle times. The more than 1300 models operating in the field is testament to these methods.

We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers identifying design limitations and performance trade-offs to allow the optimum device for the requirement. Our engineers work in partnership with our clients to custom produce the most cost effective methods to meet their needs, whether developing new products, redesigning current or obsolete components, or providing support and repair services.

4 Steps to Drying With Industrial Microwave Ovens
A Short Guide to Calculating Energy Requirement

Unsure about precisely how much energy you will need for your particular microwave system application?

Download this guide to understand the simple calculation and more.

  • Learn to calculate your energy requirements for drying your material
  • Know your power needs upfront for success with potential suppliers
  • Learn how accurate energy estimates are essential for ROI