When failure isn’t an option and your power source must be protected, our circulators and loads are the choice of well-informed labs worldwide.

High Energy Physics

We have supplied a wide variety of high power devices to many of the world’s leading universities and laboratories. Our specific technology in these applications include minimizing insertion loss, maximizing isolation and ensuring the devices ability to manage reflections up to 100% without degradation.

Recent advances in energy management such as our VSWR Adaptive Tuning Network (VAT) allows us to maintain a leading role in the next generation of accelerator physics and research programs. A partial directory of institutions utilizing our technology include LBNL, MIT, CERN, DESY, LANL, SLAC, BNL, JLAB, ALBA, ANL, Fermilab, ESS, Princeton, Daresbury, Rutherford and Cornell.

Products & Services

We offer passive high power devices for protection and measurement from frequencies ranging from 50 MHz to 45 GHz in coaxial and waveguide configurations.

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We offer a full range of services from initial design consultation for new components and systems to research and development. We also specialize in support of legacy systems where the OEM is no longer in business or in a support role where we will perform full evaluation and refurbishment services. If a repair is not feasible, we can design and supply a new form fit and functional drop-in replacement.

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4 Steps to Drying With Industrial Microwave Ovens
A Short Guide to Calculating Energy Requirement

Unsure about precisely how much energy you will need for your particular microwave system application?

Download this guide to understand the simple calculation and more.

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